3rd Strike – Lost Angel

April 12th, 2010  |  Published in CD Reviews

]Release Date: May 14, 2002
Reviewed by Chris Schwegler

Infesting the streets of Los Angeles, 3rd Strike’s “]Lost Angel”] shows the emotion this band has gone through to get this far, but runs out of steam too soon.

These guys deliver a good style of funk/rapcore, with a mixture of some good riffs and vocal tone throughout the album. I would compare there overall sound to a cross between P.O.D vocals / Pressure 4-5 groove / One Minute Silence in your face tone. A few tracks stick out to me as being the hits of the bunch;

“]Redemption”], starts out with a reggae/funk sound, with some great harmonic vocals giving and overall great sound to the song, then for the chorus busting right into a great rock groove.

“]Barrio Raid”], right off the block, straight in your face style of hard-core. Very raw vocals with a heavy riff in the back ground. One of my favorite tracks off the album.

All in all, it seems there is a lack of substance in most of the tracks. Don’t get me wrong, this album straights out total hard-core and with a great groove, but after that wears off, there is nothing there to save this album. After listening a couple of times through it didn’t grow on me.

If you are still a fan of the rapcore style of music, then check this out. My overall opinion this is a borrow before buying.

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