Anthrax – The Greater Of Two Evils

April 12th, 2010  |  Published in CD Reviews

]Released: November 23, 2004
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

It was bound to happen, Anthrax re-visiting their past catalog with John Bush on vocals. If you have ever seen Anthrax live your well aware Mr. Bush aint scared to tread on past classics and doing them justice to say the least.

Surprisingly this New York metal act chose to release an album featuring these classic favorites but what makes these choices so personal to fans is how they were chosen. Anthrax via their web page took a poll for the songs that fans felt should be covered and the most requested were included to help make “The Greater Of Two Evils” a real fan favorite collection. Such head banging favorites as Metal Thrashing Mad, A.I.R., Madhouse, N.F.L., and many more blistering cuts are included sure to even make the most old school thrash fan flash back to their mullet roots. Anthrax even step up some versions with a more heavy edge showcasing what John Bush and Rob Caggiano have brought already to this full table of talent. Sadly this is most likely the last time you may ever hear bassist Frank Bello due to his recent departure to join the ranks of Nu Metal pioneers Helmet and he will be surely missed.

With the recent release of Anthrax’s last over looked classic “We’ve Come For You all”, “The Greater Of Two Evils” will most likely be overlooked as well but if full blown crunch metal is your game don’t pass up this education in real metal.

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