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April 16th, 2010  |  Published in CD Reviews

]Release Date: November 5, 2002
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

This latest release from Wind-Up is a good example of enjoyable rock that doesn’t go below expectations, but doesn’t defy them either. From the warm and soothing “]Everything”], to the heavy and aggressive “]Flesh and Blood”], Stereo Fuse proves themselves as a respectable band that can handle their acoustic and distortion duties just as good as anyone else.

That’s where some of the problems come in. Stereo Fuse really doesn’t have anything unique about them that you pick up through listening. The guitars and beats are great, the singing is good enough on most parts, but they sound very similar to way too many other rock bands. Even though my favorite song on the album is “]Flesh and Blood”], the singing during the chorus is quite annoying and really brings down what could be a killer song. This isn’t a rare occasion though; there are a few parts where the singing breaks the seamless flow of the music. The CD isn’t bad at all; it just doesn’t really hold interest like it should.

Anyone into 3 Doors Down, Creed, 12 Stones, and other bands that sound like Stereo Fuse would enjoy the album, but don’t expect it blow you away.

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