Type O Negative – Dead Again

April 16th, 2010  |  Published in CD Reviews

]Release Date: March 13, 2007
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Bobby Steele and his dark and dreary concoction of down tuned Sabbath induced metallic mastery are back and proudly better then ever. Heavy is an understatement to say the least when it comes to Type O Negative and this new release is by all means the rebirth of one of metals most experimental gloom rockers.

Bringing back at times more of the early hardcore sound reminiscent of Steel’s early days of Carnivour, “Again” is incredibly heavy on all levels. With only 3 songs clocking in at less than 5 minutes Type O Negative pummel the mind with drugged out downer riffs and intoxicating vocals that some how paint a visual picture of torture and despair but all the same rock like a mofo! “Again” at times can seem a little self indulgent but in a time where bands easily play it safe Type O Negative deserves respect as a very creative metal act.

Well worth the purchase, “Again” proves that there are still a few acts out there that keep it real and stay very true to the roots of what put them on the map as a true metal band in the damn first place.

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